How to lose weight without going to the gym – personal trainer shares 4 weight loss tips

Ever wanted to lose weight, but can’t afford a gym membership?

Or do you simply just not like going?

There are certain core habits you can build up without a gym to help you lose weight.

Here Elliot Upton, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance and Head of LiveUP Online Coaching, has shared four weight loss tips with Daily Star Online.

3. HIIT Training

Elliot recommends HIIT training because it has a “higher expenditure” of energy than gentle, steady exercise.

He recommends HIIT training two to three times per week, and recommends this programme:

• 1: 20 seconds – “Sprint as fast as you possibly can, leave nothing in the tank.”

• 2: 60 seconds – “Walk, breathe, recover.

“Rinse and repeat, 10 rounds of this will take you under 15 minutes.

“Each week, add in an extra round to keep challenging your body and increasing energy expenditure.”

4. Diet

Unfortunately, you can’t lose weight if you are consuming more calories than you are burning.

Elliot recommends eating “whole ingredients and nutrient-dense foods – build meals around lean protein and fibrous vegetables, alongside modest portions of healthy fats or carbohydrates”.

However, he adds there are no such things as “weight loss foods, or foods that are fattening”.

The personal trainer thinks favouring certain food types over others will make weight loss easier.

Elliot said: “Meals that are high in protein, lower in calories and nutrient-dense are ideal compared to calorie-dense, nutrient foods that are overly processed or hyperpalatable.”

The personal trainer said eating three to four times a day with a plate consisting of a palm-sized portion of protein, and half a plate of vegetables is best.

You can also add a small thumb-sized portion of healthy fats to your two first meals, then a fist-sized portion of healthy carbs with your last.

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