How to build muscle FAST: Do this one workout to achieve bigger biceps

With summer in a matter of months, many of us will be spending endless hours pumping iron in the gym.

But did you know, no matter how much you train, you still might not be gaining the muscle you want.

Nutrition is an important factor in building muscle and so is getting the right technique.

According to a fitness expert, if you really want to grow your muscles, you’ll need another level of connection and control.

So how do you build muscle fast?

“This spider curl series is all about binding mind-muscle connection with super-controlled reps”

Ebenezer Samuel

If you use exercises like concentration spider curl squeeze countdown, you’ll make your arm day pump a smarter workout.

Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. told the publication: “This spider curl series is all about binding mind-muscle connection with super-controlled reps, and then carrying that mind-muscle connection into a few extra reps to really smoke your biceps fibres.

“Your goal is to pattern and hone flawless spider curl technique on the squeeze reps, then carry that same focus and momentum into standard reps for a little extra pump.”

How do you master the spider curl squeeze countdown?

To perfect this technique, you’ll need an adjustable bench and a set of light dumbbells.

It’s important to slow down this move, because to rush this routine is the worst thing you could do, as Samuel stated.

Make sure your upper arm is perpendicular to the floor at all times; moving only at the elbow and avoiding any shoulder swing.

You have to complete the curl, which means you need to move the dumbbell head upwards on your pinky side so it’s above your index finger side.

Then once you’re there, you need to think not of “holding” for a few seconds, but of actively continuing the curling motion for that time, then you release.

Keep your mechanics clean and you’ll be able to build that muscle mind connection throughout the whole set.

This spider curl squeeze countdown is a great exercise as a finisher for your arm day workout.

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