House work and walking is just as healthy as exercise?

Everyday tasks can be healthy for the body

You want to do something for your health and at best something to lose weight? Then forget about the latest fitness trends or strenuous visits to the gym. Experts found out now that everyday tasks and activities such as house work, Carrying food and climbing the stairs is just as healthy for humans can be as athletic Exercises.

The scientists from the University of Sydney noted in her recent study, domestic work, and some of the normal tasks in everyday life can be classified as a so-called high-intensity physical activities (HIIPA), which are similar to the Sport, good for our health. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “the British Journal of Sports Medicine”.

Various everyday activities, such as short walks, climbing stairs, and Playing with children to improve their health and Fitness. (Picture: Kzenon/

Short, everyday tasks add up

So-called high-intensity interval training in fitness studios and Fitness classes everywhere. Can Go to unstructured activities such as housework and climbing stairs lead to similar health benefits, such as the athletic Training? Experts say Yes. Such activities are usually quite short, add up to the whole day. For example, if you stairs in your home, it will take maybe only a few seconds, when you deal with the stages in the course of the day three or four times up the stairs, summed up this in addition with other exercise or house work, under certain circumstances, to several minutes or even hours per day.

Activity in the course of the day can include more intensive physical activity

The incidental physical activity in the course of the day, in part also includes brief episodes of intense physical activity, which, compared to a moderate intensity result in greater health benefits. The introduction of the principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in the everyday life could be the key to cause the inactive and overweight people get the Exercises and movement, they need to improve their health, say the authors. Regular random activities where people are required for a couple of seconds physically, and possibly even out of breath, are beneficial for the health.

What activities with a high intensity?

The experts report that the people could be achieved through the daily performance of three to five energetic tasks for only five to ten minutes on most days of the week significant health benefits. For many people, middle-aged activities such as Running and Playing with children, stair climbing or return to work with the Bicycle activities with a high intensity. The beauty of these high-intensity physical activities (HIIPA) is that they are carried out regularly in everyday life, explain the authors of the study. Further advantages are that no extra costs, no special equipment is needed and people are not deterred from the activity, because you can’t perform this, if you have special skills or sufficient Fitness is missing. Not only sports, but also everyday tasks and walking to burn calories. According to a study published in Harvard Health Publishing, for example, already 30 minutes working in the garden, you burn about 200 calories. Also Playing with the kids or Carrying the shopping to help excess pounds to reduce and burn calories. (as)