He wanted to remove the hair for a Date – then a 26-landed-Year-old with the blisters in the hospital

Both men and women to keep their skin like hairless. On the market there are many products and methods, to annoying hairs get rid of, among other things, the depilatory cream. But a man from England, this was now undoing.

People who would like to avoid the occasional cuts or painful tangles like, tend to the depilation cream.

A young man in England wanted to remove his genital area with such a cream for a Date of hair. The British media &quot reported;The Sun". William B. was, therefore, the depilatory cream about ten minutes – twice as long as the package it Supplement prescribed.

He also used a cream that was not intended for sensitive areas. Already shortly after application his skin ached. "I thought to myself at the beginning, a lot of the stinging sensation, but then it was always schlimmer", he explained to "The Sun".

On his skin had formed blisters

Finally, he went to the doctor who referred him to a hospital immediately. Two weeks ago, he had to spend in treatment. On the skin of the man had developed blisters and sores. "But I am shocked that it can come with a easily available product to such a serious injury,” said the 26-Year-old to “The Sun”.

The manufacturer chimed in and wished him a good recovery. He also stressed that customers should strongly follow the instructions of the products.

A cocktail of Chemicals on the skin

The cream is applied on to the depilatory of the area, loosens the Hairs, and is removed with a scraper or cloth. For this to work, the cream contains a lot of chemicals . They can lead to skin irritation and allergic reactions. The German Federal Institute for risk assessment advises on the basis of the depilatory cream containing thioglycolic acid of the large-scale application on the skin.

Necessarily the time of application comply with

To avoid problems, you should test 24 hours prior to the application of a small part of whether the product calls for an allergic reaction. Only if this is not the case, you should apply the product. You should consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the product only for the areas for which it is intended and do not let it act longer than prescribed. If your skin hurts before the end of the exposure time, you should remove the product sooner.