Gordon Ramsay's Secret to Incredible Pork Chops

Making restaurant-level meals isn’t exactly easy, but Chef Gordon Ramsay aims to make cooking delicious meals easy in his new video.

“This is the only cooking course you’ll ever need,” Ramsay asserts.

First, he explains the absolute best way to make pork chops: pan fried. For this dish, Ramsay cooks them with peppers, and since cutting them can be a struggle, Ramsay offers up an easy hack: stand the pepper upright.

“Trying to slice a pepper on the side is a nightmare,” he explains.

A frying pan is obviously essential to making not only this dish, but pretty much every meal, says Ramsay.

“It’s so multi purpose,” he says. “[It’s] great for sautéing; great for cooking fish and meat.”

The star chef walks you through the entire process, so it’s like having your own private tutor. If pork chops aren’t your thing, Ramsay also whips up salad and chicken dishes.

YouTube fans were impressed with the detailed instruction in Ramsay’s video.

“Not gonna lie, Ramsay is probably my favourite [sic], chef and I’ve learnt [sic] more from watching his videos than my own parents, lmao,” one person wrote.

Another fan proclaims that Ramsay helped

“This was my only help when I moved into an apartment five years ago and suddenly had to cook for myself, never having stepped in a kitchen before. And now I cook every day. Thank you, Gordon,” a reviewer proclaims.

Try one of Ramsay’s dishes and be prepared to impress yourself with those newfound cooking skills.

“Your confidence is going to shoot through the roof,” Ramsay says.

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