Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay Are In Rome Together & We've Got Theories

When Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis start traveling through Italy together, it’s bound to start some rumors. The pair are simply close friends, though for years people have alleged (or maybe just hoped?) that there’s a romantic connection between the two. (For the record: De Laurentiis says it’s not gonna happen — like, ever.) Now, the two are eating their way through Italy, and it turns out that once again it’s nothing so scandalous after all — they’re reportedly filming a secret project together.

So far it seems like the duo is focusing their attention on Rome. Giada posted a picture from the Piazza Navona in the city, and a picture of a delicious looking dish of tagliolini cacio e pepe with chicory from a Nonna Betta, a kosher Italian restaurant.

Flay, meanwhile, has posted pictures of himself wandering the streets of Rome with a chinotto (an Italian orange soft drink) in one hand and a porchetta sandwich in the other, as well as a pic of a tasty-looking whole roasted fish dish being served in a sunny plaza at Ristorante Pierluigi.

Unlike last year when Flay was in Rome, his cat Nacho had to stay stateside this time.

De Laurentiis has shared a few more tidbits in her Instagram stories: Flay’s Italian driver’s license, a shot of her wardrobe, a picture on set. But more details about the mysterious project have been hard to come by. (The one Flay project we do know more about: He recently announced a new show with his daughter Sophie, where they go to various eateries across New York City. Flay shares with her a classic dish, and his daughter shows him a more modern version.)

We can’t help but wondering if the same thing is going on here — De Laurentiis sharing traditional dishes from her home country with Flay, and Flay sharing some of his more modern Italian favorites with De Laurentiis?

Only time will tell what exactly the nature of their project together is, but when that time comes, we’ll eat it up as fast as they chowed down on that cacio e pepe.

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