Gemma Collins is right, women's incontinence should be taken more seriously

While Gemma Collins is usually in the headlines for vajazzles or being the Queen of Memes (or mem-ays), this week she’s spotlighting a more serious topic that affects up to 10% of the population.

The GC says we need to be speaking more openly about incontinence and bladder leaks in women – something she’s experienced first-hand.

This urinary incontinence (UI) refers to the involuntary passage of urine – often associated with coughing or sneezing – or the urgent need to pass urine, also linked to stress and fatigue.

And although stereotypical TV adverts might suggest otherwise, urinary incontinence can happen to women at any age – regardless of whether they’ve had children or not.

The TOWIE star told the PA news agency: ‘It’s a taboo subject. It’s really sad to know that women are stopping doing their activities because of leaks. They might not want to go on holiday now because of their leaks. They might not want to get on a trampoline with their children or their families because of their leaks.

‘I was so surprised to find out how many women, just like me, are also experiencing bladder leaks.’

It’s a topic we should be discussing too, considering between 3-6 million people in the UK are currently experiencing it.

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy says: ‘Gemma Collins is absolutely right to be raising awareness of the importance of female incontinence.

‘It’s a hidden problem, with so many women embarrassed or scared to come forward for help.’

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