Fisher-Price warns of of own cradle confirmed 10 deaths!

10 dead babies by baby’s cradle Rock ’n‘ Play

In the United States 10 children are already as a result of accidents in the baby’s cradle „Fisher-Price“ died. The U.S. consumer „Consumer Product Safety Commission“ CPSC therefore issued an urgent warning to parents. Because of improper use of the cot, it can lead to serious injury or death. The Manufacturer Is „Fisher-Price“ the warning in front of the own product.

During the investigation period, since 2015, there have been at least 10 deaths, said in an official statement. As it says in the warning message: „The CPSC, 10 deaths are known by the product Rock ’n‘ The Play occurred. Infants were rolled from the back to the belly or to the side. All 10 children were 3 months or older.“ The small children were not buckled with the available seat belts. Explicitly, this warning refers to the device „Rock’n Play“ by Fisher-Price. The cradle has a fabric covered shell that is mounted on a rod with the rocking function. The American „CPSC“ wants the Public against unreasonable risks of injury – or death cases – in connection with the use of consumer goods to protect.

After 3 Months Of Life, Baby-Cradle Rock ’n‘ Play set

„Furthermore, since the deaths occur, not more recommends CPSC consumers to use the product from the age of three months, or once an infant can roll. The authority has the consumer prior to the use of feedback systems for children with a tendency to sleep gewarnt“, a spokesman said.

The baby goods manufacturer Fisher-Price warns parents against „to use the product, if able to roll the infants.“ The reported deaths show „some consumers use the product still, when small children can move in such a way. In addition, the parents &#8222 place;the three-point belt does not lock an“, what increases the risk significantly. The sleeping places should not be used with additional Blankets, pillows or stuffed animals. The children of a choking threat if you can put your face by a rotation in the substances and no longer breathing. Because the babies can not liberate himself from this situation. Small children should always sleep on their backs.

Also Germany is affected

The warning appears to be urgent, as the Commission has agreed to an immediate publication. In the United States, several companies offer these and similar weigh. Also in Germany, the product is sold on Amazon. In addition, a lot of other baby will weigh a similar style from different providers distributed, which is why the warning not only on Fisher-Price is limited. (sb)