Experts explain what happens to your body if you don’t drink booze for 28 days

A lot of people indulge a little too much in alcohol over the festive period.

That's why many take a break at the start of the year for Dry January.

Dry January challenges people to go a whole month without any booze.

However, what happens when you do so?

Experts from the Priory Group have outlined what will happen on a weekly basis.

Week 1

On the first week without alcohol, you will be most likely to give in if you're a habitual drinker, according to the experts.

However, if you stick it out, you'll notice your sleep starts to regulate.

This may mean it's harder to sleep to start with, because alcohol makes you fall asleep quicker, but your quality of sleep also suffers when you drink alcohol.

Without a drink though, you'll also make better choices with food, most likely eating less junk food too.

You'll also be a lot more hydrated, as six glasses of wine makes you lose 19-24 glasses of water, meaning all the water you aim to drink through the day has been in vain.

If you cut out the drink though though, you'll notice you can concentrate easier and will feel less tired.

Week 2

After two weeks off the booze, you'll began to feel all the benefits of better sleep and hydration.

You'll also feel more motivated and your skin will improve, as well as looking less puffy and more healthy.

If you're one of those unlucky people that suffers with reflux or heartburn, you'll see a reduction in these symptoms too – as alcohol is known to irritate the stomach lining.

Week 3

At this stage, you will have actually lowered your blood pressure, as well as saved an absolute load of calories.

On the basis that a person drinks six pints per week, you'd have saved 3,240 calories. Meanwhile, for six glasses of wine, you'd have saved almost 3,000.

With the better food choices you are more likely to make, you're well on your way to a slimmer physique.

Week 4

By this point, not only can you give yourself a massive well done, but you'll probably also be feeling great.

Your skin will no doubt be looking loads better, as acne is known to clear up and any dryness will too.

You'll also have saved tons of money, be looking lean and most likely have an improved mood.

Maybe it's time to try Sober October too, right?

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