Expert warns of the risks: Is Facebook as harmful as Smoking?

Facebook carries with it certain dangers, as we know, after large-scale political manipulation. Also with our personal data Marc Zuckerberg’s invention is not dealt with in the past, always in a responsible manner.

However, the Portal can also be harmful to our health? Facebook is about as dangerous as Smoking?

Sick through Social Media

At the beginning of the year, several celebrities made by a self-imposed Social-Media-abstinence, including singer Jessie J. accumulated at the same time, the reports on social media caused the depression.

The beats in the score of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, he is of the Belief that Facebook may in the long term, be just as harmful to health as Smoking.

The regulatory authority for social networks?

On the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, Benioffs Thesis has been discussed again hot. Because the Manager believes that the dangers can’t let well-intentioned advice ban, it must be created a specific legal framework.

“I think you have to approach in the same way it regulates the tobacco industry,” says the CEO of the channel ‘CNBC’.

“Product designers are working continuously, these products are still addictive to make, and must be stopped.”

Where do we draw the boundaries?

In the case of nicotine consumption, there are clear rules and age requirements. These are on social networks are often not available or difficult to control.

In addition, many parents do not seem to take the minimum age for Facebook (13 years old) really serious and also younger Kids allow access to the network.

However, this lax attitude has to change, believes Benioff: “We are just like all other industries, be it financial services, consumer products or food. The government needs to interfere in the technology. Although there are already rules, but not nearly enough.”

Scientists are concerned

Marc Benioff, with his observations alone. Also, researchers have amplified the phenomenon of the harmfulness of Social Media in General and Facebook in Particular.

A study by Pennsylvania State University suggests that Facebook carries with it, in fact, the danger to make you sick. However, according to the scientists, a self-imposed restriction could create is often a remedy.

In fact, conscious users of prescribe occasionally a digital Detox. As long as the legislator’s failure to act so, again, in demand for personal responsibility.

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