Even cave the bad nursing homes get a 1: That should change now

The well-being of the residents is in future to be in nursing homes at the center. If possible, without pressure ulcers and malnutrition to life-long mobile and self-determined. The new quality tests to ensure for the in-patient care, which will be introduced from November nationwide.

"Thus, the previous care notes verschwinden&quot be;, the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) explained on Friday in Düsseldorf. In the first of the five NRW-regional events to the innovations of the earlier care made Officer of the Federal government from his heart, not a killer pit: "I’ve always kept it a Farce." Nationwide, the institutions of all the provinces, on average, have a 1 before the decimal point.

Residents have pressure ulcers in the home receives a score of 1.1

Support received Laumann straight from the horse’s mouth. The new Federal-wide quality criteria were largely developed by a medical sociologist at the University of Bielefeld. Prof. Klaus wingen box, from the Institute of nursing science, said: "It can’t be that all of them are very good. All know that this is the reality." The expert has an impressive example of Europe: "2014 had ulcers in a nursing home, 42 percent of 24 residents within half a year of pressure, an extremely poor ratio. The overall grade of the institution, however, was only 1.1.&;.

The unrealistic claim that all of the important criteria for good care in a single Note to map, have a "Irrsinn" the Charge of non-comparable benefits, guided, criticized Laumann. "With a beautifully printed menu and errors in the care wegkriegen", he complained. "In North Rhine-Westphalia already in nursing homes have been closed by authorities due to dangerous care, which were in network with the touch 1."

24 quality aspects to decide in the future

In the future, the nursing homes need to regularly collect specific data. These include the incidence of pressure ulcers, serious fall injuries, or fixations of the residents, as well as measures to encourage their mobility, independence, communication and social contacts.

"The facilities capture the self, is neu", wingen field explains. The data will be analyzed by a neutral Institution. It will stay with the external quality control. To be much more meaningful and transparent. "The controller 24 quality aspects in the view." The details of the homes are subjected to a Plausibility check.

Well-being of the residents is in the foreground

The focus should, in the future, whether each step was meticulously documented, but whether it is the individual residents well, and whether you risk or even damage. "It should not fließen&quot no longer a large part of the energy in the care of the care-documentation;, the scientists stressed.

At the end of all the essential maintenance are measured-parameters individually with a points system, the members should be on the search for a suitable care home orientation. A point to five points from the press line for line, how far a facility is above or below the average for all facilities ulcers is approximately at the frequency of the pressure, Falls or with the support of the residents in eating and Drinking.

Good homes will be rewarded

Homes that do not perform particularly poorly, you need to let the Medical services of the health insurance advice – the good no longer have a year, but only every two years, the inspectors in the house.

These controls are "no Inquisition, as in the Mittelalter", Laumann said. Needed a new error culture in the care. "Even in facilities with very good staff ratios, there are sometimes bad mistakes." It should, however, be treated as a scandal of any errors. "If a device is equal to the pillory, according to the Motto: 'The war's jetzt', then errors will be covered up. This is the worst, because then nothing will gelernt&quot it;, the Minister urged.

According to him, in NRW around 170 000 care for the needy in 2190 full inpatient facilities supplied. The Minister is hoping the new control also provides information on the effectiveness of NRW above-average spending for the System.