Doctor says coronavirus could shrink penis and cause erectile dysfunction

Coronavirus side effects could range from loss of smell and taste to brain fog.

But now one surgeon has revealed the impact of the contagious virus can go as far as your genitals.

Urologist and pelvic surgeon Dr Rena Malik explained how men are experiencing erectile dysfunction after battling the illness.

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She told "When you get Covid-19 it can affect the lining of the blood vessels.

"This can create difficulty in getting blood flow from one part of the body to the other.

"In fact, this can also affect blood flow to the penis. Getting Covid-19 makes you at a five times higher risk of erectile dysfunction."

Dr Malik also said the loss of blood flow down there could result in shrinkage.

She added: "When you're losing blood flow to the area over time this can cause shrinkage of the tissues itself.

"It means that you might notice a decrease in penile length."

Matt, from Melbourne, Australia, told ABC News that after contracting coronavirus he found it hard to maintain an erection.

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He said: "Sex for me prior to Covid was about 30 minutes minimum. Now it's like 10 minutes.

"It's made me feel less confident, as I'm sure it would to any guy or person in possession of a penis.

"Personally it hasn't affected how sex feels or anything, just my stamina.

"I haven't gone to a doctor about it. I'm riding the 'I hope it just fixes itself soon' train."

It's been discovered that coronavirus lingers in the penis months after the infection, making it difficult to perform in bed.

A World Journal of Men's Health study found patients who suffered blood vessel damage to the penis from Covid-19 got impotence.

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