Deadly blend of herbs: a 34-Year-old dies after consuming “Legal Highs”

So-called Legal Highs, synthetic drugs offset to the herbal blends, the cost of a Brunswick life. Several teenagers hovered already in danger of their lives. The authorities are powerless, as the drug cooks always change back to the composition.

After the consumption of Legal Highs referred to man-made drugs to a 34-year-old man in Braunschweig is broken, dead. An ambulance was not able to help the of his wife, lifeless, discovered the man, police said on Monday. The man suffered acute respiratory failure and suffocated.

A number of ambulance operations in the last few months

Cause of death appears to be the year long consumption of the herbal mixture disguised as Legal Highs, the Advance is of concern to the authorities are increasingly. In the apartment of the man officials found tons of colorful bags, which are sold by the manufacturers in is always a new composition to circumvent the law on narcotics, over the Internet or in stores.

Several times had to move out emergency physicians in lower Saxony alone, in the past few months due to the consumption of Legal Highs. With Nausea and dizziness several young people in Braunschweig came in March in clinics. An 18-Year-old fell unconscious in the Oker river and was pulled at the last Moment by a passer-by out of the water.

Drug cooks keep changing the structure

In the case of a 16-Year-olds, investigators found 41 bags of drugs offset to the herbal mixtures. Three young men in a vocational education course from Celle came in April in a clinic, after they had smoked a dangerous herbal concoctions.

At 25 of 1032 drug-related deaths last year in office, according to the Federal criminal Legal Highs the cause. The manufacturers play with the state of the hare and the hedgehog. Regularly the government bans on new substances. The drug cooks change but the structure of the artificially produced substances in General, cannabinoids so that they are then first again legal. Now there should be a new law, the equality of all the groups of forbids, in order to prepare the Drive.