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Type of SARS-CoV-2-immune response influences the course of disease

The way the immune system responds to infection by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, indicates the further course of the disease. An American research team was able to classify three types of immune reactions, with the Severity of a COVID-leaves 19-disease predictions.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine found that the immune system responds to three different types to infection with SARS-CoV-2. The type of reaction in turn correlates highly with the Severity of the infection. This finding could have a major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19-disease. The results of the study were recently presented in the prestigious scientific journal “Science”.

Three kinds of SARS-CoV-2-immune reaction classified

There are different types, such as the immune system of a Person reacts to a SARS-CoV-2 infection. The researchers have developed, this reaction species in the three so-called Immuno-groups of the population. This classification allows for a quick assessment of the Severity of the disease and thus the treatment required. “This would allow us to be Concerned, for different types of investigations and treatments, registered,” explained the senior author of the study, John Wherry, Director of the Penn Institute of Immunology.

Type of reaction determines the symptoms

As the Team reported, the Coronavirus in critically ill patients and patients with other immune reactions, as in the case of Affected with mild gradients. These reactions were also associated with other symptoms. So far could not yet be explained, how it comes to this difference.

First major study of the topic

The study is the first investigation of this kind, in which the reaction of the immune system in the case of a large number of those Affected was analyzed. So for the first time a comprehensive immune profile of possible reactions to the novel Coronavirus created. Overall, the immune response of 163 COVID has been analyzed-19-to be Concerned. So far, we had only reports of individual Patients or small groups.

What is the difference between the immune responses?

The individual reactions vary by different types of helper T cells, which recruit the immune system to fight the disease. Depending on what immune used cells, seems to have a different reaction of the body to be done. On the basis of the clinical data, the researchers tried to end the relationship between the immune responses and the progression of the disease to understand.

  • The classified Immunotyp 1 was, for example, with more severe disease associated. In this reaction, inflammation, organ failure and acute kidney disease followed by more common.
  • Immunotyp 2 seems to be on an existing immune suppression suggest, therefore, to a suppression of the body’s own defense system. This immune reaction could not be clearly associated with severe forms of the disease.
  • Immunotyp 3 is characterized by a very mild reaction of the immune system to the pathogen. At the same time, this type was associated gradients with mild to no symptoms and mild disease.

Appropriate therapy based on the immune system

The research results support the idea of future therapies that are tailored to the Immotyp of the parties Concerned, to draw a greater Benefit from the treatment. “The understanding of the ability of the immune system to regulate responses to diseases, is one of the most important advances in medicine over the last ten years,” emphasizes Professor Dr. Jonathan A. Epstein, from the research team.

“The in-depth Work on immune profiling, carried out by the researchers here, are not likely to be available only now for this disease, but also in the future, for many others,” emphasizes the Professor finally. (vb)

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