Congenital heart defects: that’s Why pregnant should refrain from the end of fathers on alcohol

Previous research focused exclusively on, what is the impact of certain behaviour of mothers-to-be could have on the unborn Baby during the pregnancy and made the mothers for possible long-term consequences of the child alone is responsible.

A new study of the Central South University, which was published in the journal European Society of Cardiology (ESC), examined the behavior of fathers to point side, which may include the health of the unborn babies mitbeeinflu.

The results were able to show why a strict ban on alcohol in pregnancy not only for mothers-to-be is relevant.

Risk of later heart disease increases

Congenital heart the most common birth defect in newborns are diseases. Each year, about 1.35 million babies are affected by it. Thus, the probability of a later cardiovascular disease increases at the same time.

Similar to x-Ray radiation or tobacco smoke, is one alcohol to the so-called Teratogenic – so the effects of outer can, the malformations in the unborn child cause.

Although approximately 90 percent of the affected babies survive the critical start-up phase and reach fortunately, thanks to good treatment options, the age of the adults, however, the likelihood of developing in the later age of heart disease remains much higher.

Different studies were analyzed

In the Meta-study, the researchers put together results from 55 different studies, the disease dealt with the influence of alcohol the parents to their unborn children and the associated risk of heart.

The most meaningful data from the studies published between 1991 and 2019 41.747 infants were congenital heart disease and 297.587 without the disease.

Study author Dr. Jiabi Qin, Central South University, Changsha, China, says: “We observed diseases have a gradually increasing risk for congenital heart, as the alcohol consumption of the parents rise.”

In the case of the baby planning to give up alcohol

The results of the investigations showed that the risk of heart disease in the newborn increase by an amazing 44 percent if the father of the child consumed up to three months before pregnancy alcohol regularly.

Women who participated in the months before conception of the child of alcohol, increased in comparison to mothers who were not already before the pregnancy completely on alcohol, the risk of a heart defect in your baby by 16 percent.

Dr. Qin said that the findings suggest that women and men should dispense with a common desire to have children up to six months prior to the actual fertilization on the consumption of alcohol.

The father influences the health of the child

In fact, the likelihood of a heart defect in the unborn child could be further increased, if the father is regularly excessively Alkoholl drank five or more drinks per “drinking occasion” increased the risk by 52 percent.

Mothers-to-be increased a possible heart defects in their babies by so-called Binge Drinking in the previous month of the pregnancy of 16 per cent compared to mothers who refused completely to alcohol.

“Binge Drinking by expectant parents is a high risk and dangerous behavior, which not only increases the likelihood that your Baby comes with a heart defect to the world, but also your own health to be significantly affected,” said study author Dr. Qin.

More accurate results require further research

The authors added that this is an observational study, which can define a limit for the consumption of alcohol that is considered safe.

Dr. Qin said: “The underlying mechanisms by which parental alcohol consumption and congenital heart disease of Baby connect, are uncertain and require further research. Although our analysis has limitations – for example, that the type of alcohol was not recorded – this means that men and women planning a family, alcohol should be avoided. “

In any case, the external influences of the father, which are so far faded into the Background will have a significant impact on the health of the unborn child.

Alcohol should be avoided share, therefore, in the best case, from both parents, should be the big baby question.


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Antonia Hagedorn

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