‘Chicken Tender Fender Bender’ Prompts Warning From Alabama Police’

No five second rule here.

This past Sunday, Fox 59 shares that a massive 18-wheeler truck crashed on Alabama 35 near the Georgia line and it just so happens that the truck was carrying chicken tenders, which subsequently spilled onto the highway. Some motorists decided to stop their vehicles to pick up some of the fallen chicken tenders, causing somewhat of a traffic jam.

Believe it or not, this prompted the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency to post a public service announcement on their Facebook page, telling passing by motorists to quit stopping their vehicles to gather boxes of chicken tenders for their own dinners.

“The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is asking that no one try to stop to get the chicken tenders that were spilled from the 18 wheeler accident last night on Highway 35. You’re creating a traffic hazard! It’s a crime to impede the flow of traffic.”

“Those cases have been on the ground for over 24 hours and are unsafe to consume,” the post went on to say. “Anyone who is caught could be facing charges.”

It comes as no surprise that the Facebook post earned a lot of attention from Facebook users, even going viral in other states aside from Alabama. Thus far, the seemingly silly post has earned nearly 500 comments, 1,000 likes, and an impressive 2,800 shares. A few Facebook users tagged their friends to share the funny news while countless others made a joke about the situation.

“The fact that you have to post this is killin me,” one user wrote.

“Salmonella for you! And You!! And You! Salmonella for EVERYONE.”

“Why was the crazy people crossing the road? To get the free chicken tenders,” one more chimed in.

On Monday, the Sheriff’s office shared another post, letting everyone know that the cleanup on Alabama 35 was finally complete. The post also shared that they needed to shut the highway down to one lane to coordinate the cleanup and make sure that those who were picking up the tenders were out of harm’s way.

And according to Newsweek, truck crashes in that area are not uncommon though Cherokee County EMA Director Shawn Rogers says that it’s normally not chicken tenders that scatter all over the road as a result of the crash.

Another recent crash in Poland in December saw chocolate spilled all over the road. Newsweek reported that the liquid chocolate dumped out all over the road and due to the weather conditions, it froze, creating a hazard. It ended up taking 25 firefighters about two and a half hours to clean up the spill.

If only all crashes could be this tasty…

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