Britney Spears’ incurable health condition with ‘scary’ symptoms

Britney Spears revealed on Instagram last year her battle with irreversible nerve damage on the right side of her body.

The star shared her physical status while posting a dancing video on social media.

While her sleep has been impacted by nerve damage, dancing has helped lessen the agony.

She posted on Instagram: “I’m dancing in time now Victoria…yes…nerve damage on the right side of my body…there’s no cure except God I guess…

“Nerve damage is caused sometimes when you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain…your brain literally shuts down blah blah blah old story…in that place I didn’t breathe when I was there…nerve damage causes parts of your body to go numb.”

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Britney went on to detail how her experience has been the last few years suffering from the condition.

She explained: “I wake up like three times a week in bed and my hands are completely numb…

“Nerves are tiny and it feels like pins and needles from the right side of my body. It shoots up to my neck and the part that hurts the worst is my temple on my head…it stings and it’s scary…

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“The last three years since I got out of that place l’ve been in a mild unconscious state…I couldn’t face it.”

But she also explained how dancing has helped reduce her symptoms.

She said: “It’s funny though when I dance I don’t feel the pain.”

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“And although I don’t move like I used to…I truly believe my faith in it gave me strength…by the grace of God I finally found a medication where l actually feel oxygen going to my brain and through my neck…

“My eyes are more open now and I can hold my head up correctly…

“I’ve done a good job trying to pull it off. Either way I’m getting a lot better, I can breathe…”

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