Brazen Rip-Off? Vegan cheese is six times more expensive, despite the cheap ingredients

Vegan food conquer food shelves and make the manufacturer rich. Because they usually cost a multiple of the conventional products, although the contents are often cheaper. FOCUS Online explains what is in the products.

If you take up a vegan food, is a priori willing to pay more for his food. Because products with the name of "vegan" are usually more expensive than conventional cheese, yogurt or chips. The consumer paid, apparently, for the good Conscience, because the food without animal ingredients. The price of the ingredients, the high price is not more.

The Britta Schautz, nutrition expert of the consumer protection Berlin confirmed: "These products are relatively expensive. Vegan is hip. Of course, the consumer pays for this lifestyle product."

Vegan cheese six times more expensive than animal product

Food expert Sebastian Put tests for the ZDF documentary "The Tricks of the Lebensmittelindustrie", what replacement is in vegan Gouda and expects high: Gouda cheese in the supermarket for 0,69 euros per 100 grams. The same amount of dairy-free cheese is with the 1.93 to 1.99 euros, almost three times as expensive.

In the case of string cheese, the price difference is even more serious: 1,99 Euro with vegan spread, compared with Euro 0.33 in the case of conventional cream cheese – that’s about six times the price. In the case of Parmesan cheese, the vegan product is made with 3,49 Euro to two euros more expensive than the animal product.

High sales price in spite of cheaper ingredients and ease of manufacture

In his Food workshop food expert, demonstrates for the TV show, vegan cheese can be used to produce The cow’s milk is usually replaced by almond milk, which is much cheaper. Coconut oil provides the normally fat contained in the milk.

"Expensive, the is 250 grams you can get for around a Euro", says. For the taste, the color, and the bite of cheese flavor, Beta-carotene, starch, and salt are added. To store instead of the cheese-consuming and tyres, the mass is only ten minutes in the refrigerator.

Vegan is a Lifestyle and, accordingly, expensive

Refraining from eating animal ingredients or methods of production, for the animals to be used justify the higher price of vegan cheese says. Also many other meat-substitute products existed for the most part made of cheap ingredients. Here will more likely taken advantage of the willingness of customers to pay for the prevention of animal suffering even more. The estimates a huge business, the vegetarian Federal ProVeg that in this country of eight million people eat vegetarian, and one Million are vegan.

"When I look at the list of ingredients of the vegan cheese, which looks similar to the previous Analogkäse", nutrition expert, Britta Schautz confirmed. "The ingredients don’t have to be vegan cheese better. The vegan cheese alternatives contain a lot of saturated fats that should be avoided, the consumer actually rather."

Less calcium, more salt – vegan does not automatically healthier

Vegan cheese has as many calories as conventional, but it contains often more salt, less calcium, preservatives and flavors. The problem is mainly that it consists mainly of coconut oil, or cheap palm oil and starch.

"These Oils are so high quality, because they do not contain as many unsaturated Fettsäuren", Katharina Scherf from the Leibniz-Institute of food systems biology at the Technical University of Munich, told FOCUS Online. "Olive oil, rapeseed oil or linseed oil are there better suppliers, but you don’t get the cheese consistency. Refined coconut oil is solid in room temperature. This is easier to process."

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