BBQ season: Marinated BBQ meat substances, often with many unnecessary additives

In marinated BBQ meat a lot of unnecessary additives are often included

Summer time barbecue season is: Hardly anything is so popular, how in a convivial atmosphere sausages, put meat, fish or Vegetarian on the grill. Anyone who relies on ready-marinated BBQ meat, you should look at the ingredients list. Because many of these products contain unnecessary additives.

Enjoy leisure outside

In summer temperatures are smoke on the weekend in many gardens and Parks, the Grills again. Most of the Germans love to spend their time outside in good company and enjoy delicious food. Who creates ready-marinated grilled meat on the grate, you should see on the ingredients list. Because, according to consumer advocates many of these products contain unnecessary additives.

Ready marinated BBQ meat from the supermarket often contains a lot of unnecessary additives. This can lead in some cases to allergies. (Image: Alexander Raths/

Ready-marinated meat products

The consumer Association of Brandenburg, has studied in a sample of 41 ready-marinated meat products and found that the manufacturers often use too many unnecessary additives.

As the experts writing in a message that consumers can make up these substances with a view to the packaging, at least slightly.

However, the origin and quality of the meat you can see is often difficult.

Increased risk for allergies

“A look at the label is worth it, because at least 13 of 41 packaged BBQ meat products in our sample without additives,” explains Silke Vollbrecht, food expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg.

Her Team examined the lists of ingredients of spiced and marinated Steaks, Skewers, and spare ribs.

In the case of other Products, the producers were, in particular, thickeners, anti-oxidants, stabilizers and acid-regulators – all materials that give the finished products a longer shelf life, preservative effect, or that the consistency of the preserve.

“With the use of additives manufacturers can deceive also on a lower quality of the product,” says the food expert.

In principle, the consumption of additives increases the risk to have allergic reactions or develop allergies. Therefore, the expert advises to refrain from products with additives.

Often sugar is added to

Can recognize consumers are in the list of ingredients on the packaging by an E number or the name of the Additive.

Also at the deli counter must be informed: on the product itself or in a visible Overview.

Some manufacturers to put the marinades in addition, sugar. “An experimental product contained same-Brecht the seven different types of sugar,” says Silke full.

Who wants to be sure of what is included, marinated to be grilled meat the best. Oil, salt, pepper and Mediterranean herbs, fresh meat can also be used without any E-numbers, flavour.

Origin of the meat is not always possible to detect

The origin and quality of the products are to detect, according to the consumer is considerably more difficult than additives. “The legal provisions on labelling are for the consumer often opaque”, criticized Vollbrecht.

Although meat is an indication of source is of packaged fresh-mandatory – but not in kitchen-ready processed. The addition of salt or Marinade is not so, that consumers know where the meat comes from.

When consumers buy their meat at the deli counter, you can only hope that a voluntary note of the dealer of origin.

At the deli counter must have, as a rule, only beef origin information. However, the designation requirement, once this has been processed in any way, or with other meats mixed in.

Thawed Meat

“Marinated is not produced rarely from thawed meat,” says Vollbrecht.

“In the case of beef and pork, the manufacturer must, however, be no indication of ‘defrosted’ on the packaging – this is only in the case of unprocessed goods mandatory,” says the food expert.

Poultry meat may be hazardous due to the health risk, but never thawed and sold.

Vegetarian grilling

According to health experts, also coliform bacteria are on the meat often to find, which can lead to diarrhea.

Therefore, it is also often advised to rely on alternative grilling with vegetables and Tofu.

To note here is that you should vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms or leeks better after the grilling salts, since it loses otherwise, too much water and very soft.

And vegetarian Meat substitutes such as tofu sausages should not be placed in the middle of the Grill, since they are heat sensitive.

Here you will find even more tips and Tricks for healthy grilling. (ad)