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Young neurodermatitis patients also need mental support

Eczema disease in children and adolescents one of the most common skin. The skin does not suffer, but many Affected individuals also develop psychological problems. This should, according to the German skin and Allergy aid (DHA) in the treatment into account.

Red, cracked and scaly skin: Acute eczema doesn’t look nice. Affected adolescents often suffer not only itching, but also to a battered self-esteem. Here, psychological support is urgently needed.

Eczema symptoms in teenagers

From the teenage redness, or skin cracks are starting to show due to severe eczema also on the wrists, neck, and eyelids. Such a visible young people in the process of beating the symptoms of chronic inflammatory skin disease on the Psyche. This should be taken seriously, warns the German skin and Allergy help.

Fears and depressive moods

Young patients may not follow every fashion, as eczema thrives under tight clothing and certain materials. In the pool many people feel you unwell. After a due to itching of the Skin, sleepless night, many are too tired to Learn, or for the Party. All of this leads to the fact that atopic dermatitis is often associated with Anxiety and depressive moods.

Professional psychological support

The DHA advises affected families, therefore, to seek, where appropriate, professional psychological support. In addition, a doctor in addition to ointments and creams may prescribe in severe cases also treatment with tablets. Not all are suitable for children and young people. For adolescents 12 years so-called biologics, are a way in which the DHA. These are injected with a Pen under the skin. Bonn (fp; Source: dpa/tmn)

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