Actions in Frankfurt and London: psychiatrist warns against drawing false conclusions

Two incredible deeds within a few days In Frankfurt and a child dies after a shock in front of a run-in ends of the ICE, in London a teenager is supposed to have thrown a boy from the observation platform of a Museum. Charité-medical examiner talks about why people commit such acts.

Anyone who makes something – a stranger in front of a train or from a great height knocking? According to the acts of violence against children to the Frankfurt main station and at London’s Museum Tate Modern, an expert has stressed the rarity of such actions.

"These cases are extreme Raritäten", the Director of the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy of the Charité hospital in Berlin, Isabella Heuser said. Generalisations are difficult: "Because it is so rare, it is possible to place is actually not a rule."

The victims were at the wrong time in the wrong place

From individual cases from the past, you know that the perpetrators were suffering from a psychosis and acute mania have acted, said the psychiatrist. You feel, for example, followed. You can imagine how a sudden illness thrust. "Ultimately, these patients have a tremendous fear. But of course that is the ignorance of the reality. You can then have the fear of a child." The victims were at the wrong time in the wrong place, if it come to the completely abrupt, panic-like actions.

Mental illness is not under General suspicion

Other motifs, such as the exercise of power played according to your experience, no matter if the perpetrator and victim do not know, said Heuser. With a view to the public debates to acts like the one in Frankfurt, warned that people with mental illnesses under General suspicion. Indeed, patients with schizophrenia, psychosis, severe depression or addiction disorders, if you are in treatment, no ticking time bombs: they are even less violent than the normal population, – said the expert. This relates to both violence against others, as well as violence against himself.

Drugs as the trigger for violence

Basically is also conceivable that it come under the influence of certain drugs to senseless violence against Strangers, so Heuser. "Terrible acts of violence against innocent bystanders were, for example, of people who were methamphetamine, and had taken in high dosages." Impacts on tracks were in the context not known, but a pointless knife to Stranger, for example.

Methamphetamine is known under the name of Crystal Meth. According to the German main questions are centre for addiction Overdoses with this drug is easily possible – this is associated with an increased risk for anxiety and hallucinations.

Cases from London and Frankfurt to scare

In London, a 17-threw-Year-old on Sunday a six-year-old from the viewing platform of the Museum Tate Modern, he is accused of attempted murder. The little Boy survived injured in the crash. A specific or obvious motive is not yet apparent, reported investigators.

29. July had pushed a man to the Frankfurt main station ends an eight-year-old boy and his mother in front of a drive-in ICE, the child died. A psychiatric evaluation over the 40-year-old suspect from Eritrea has been commissioned. The Accused, a three-time father of a family, should have been this year in psychiatric treatment.