Humming and buzzing

Women is said to be in the bed so complicated: hour-long massages, candlelight and sentimental schmuck music were necessary, to put you just in the right mood – and then a false movement, to destroy this work of art.

From Zero to a Hundred in 30 seconds just does not orgasm without clitoral Stimulation for most women can shoot as unattainable as the nose hole for the big toe, and even if the summit is almost reached, out of nowhere the thought “I wanted to do the Laundry, go in front of the sleep even in the dryer” to the brain, and any excitement dashed.

With pressure shafts to orgasm

Since 2014, there is a sex toy for women, to give them a kind of Instant orgasm. In order to develop this device, which aims to bring all women to a quick climax, has done, the lower-Bavarian inventor Michael Lenke something as Simple as Ingenious: He has talked with his wife.

Brigitte Lenke has been tested, therefore, all the efforts of her husband to come to the female orgasm with the help of technology to track down his own body. The prototype consisted of an aquarium pump with hose and suction Cup, still has painful memories. But at the end of the joint Research is a device that is considered to be box-office hit among the toys: the Womanizer status.

“Orgasm is a human right,” says Frauenversteher Steering, the Womanizer with a completely new approach, or shall we say invented a better essay: a silicone stopper, which is placed over the clitoris and then completely non-contact only with the help of pressure waves stimulated. Or to bring it for Loriot Fans to the point: It sucks and blows at Heinzelmann, where dad otherwise you just can blow.

Clitoral massage as a therapy

That it has taken with the development of such a device for so long, is amazing. Because the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have been in the field of self-gratification ideas: according to The legend, it has to the excitement of a bee-filled papyrus bag against her abdomen and pressed. The dream woman the ancient world, then, was the actual inventor of the Vibrator? At least the idea is suitable, even if historical sources are missing and the story is a good example of this is that very few women come through pure Penetration to climax, but the clitoris makes the music.

The miraculous effect of a genital massage is physicians actually known for a long time: as early as the time of Hippocrates until the 1920s, it was prescribed as a therapy for women, officially, writes the historian, Rachel P. Maines, “The Technology of Orgasm”. However, the treatment is not about Sex, but about the healing of the hysteria, which was considered as the typical woman’s disease. The origin for this nervous the men feared in the feminine abdomen, the term derives from the Greek “hystéra”, which simply means uterus.

The female gender would be liberated by a time-consuming Clit massage of the hysteria, thought-out European Physicians in the 19th century. Century, and while the women in the room were shouted, and the queue is always full, suffered, the physician soon under pain hand joints. Relief both sexes, in 1883, finally, “Gran Villes Hammer”, an invention of Englishman Mortimer Granville and nothing else than the first electric Vibrator.

Womanizer Thermomix…?

In the 20th century. Century had to get Sextoys that their existence is still Hidden time limits, and some, therefore, even came with a special connector for kitchen appliances, make this an official raison d’être to. That would be like the Womanizer would drive during the day, hypocritical the Thermomix.

At the latest since the US cult series “Sex and the City” is the Vibrator but more of a It-Piece as a taboo part, and a look at the website of sex Toy provider confirmed this observation. Here, women are recorded as new and obviously very willing audience to all the rules of art: products for the needs of the female clientele if the scroll bar ranges, from the vibrator through the vibrator to the vibrating eggs. “What is humming and buzzing is higher in price than the silent joy-bringer,” says Susanne Gahr, a spokesperson from the manufacturer, Orion.

But the good old Dildo have to. After all, they staggered even by archaeologists in excitement, because the corresponding stone age-allow findings to draw conclusions on what might have driven our ancestors in the caves. Orion offers so-called natural Dildo with prominent veins and easy-grip testicular approach. Customers of the erotic retailer Amorelie prefer, however, seems to be a colorful and only to a Penis-like model – currently, the Womanizer, the absolute best seller, however.

There is an orgasm guarantee?

The device is advertised by the dealers even with an orgasm guarantee, 98 percent of the women were within the shortest time to the climax, it is said. On demand, how many women would demand their money back, it means this would happen, but it is rarely the case. Women would complain sometimes that you with the Womanizer too fast.

What a beautiful new world in which women complain, too quickly to orgasm! A pressure wave vibrator allows women to get between the advance tax return and the Tartar you have an orgasm without having to even begin to feel like. With others and unfortunately, some words rough: The woman is not more and not less can get like the man of the moment off.

The Sextoy replaces the man?

And yet, it is worth to have at this point, the Sextoy briefly in the Cabinet and to continue to write, because there are a couple of interesting questions: Is it desirable, to breast-feed with the technical assistance to the small Hunger? It may even be an act of emancipation that the orgasm for the woman is so easy to reach for the man?

Probably at this point – like to male – voices that discourage sex toys: You could be addicted to it and must, instead, learn to feel themselves and the other, and to love, say perhaps the one just before you leave for the Tantra yoga. The coarser knitted the Rest is concerned, it may be simply a matter to be sorted out and a colourful, not to be battery-powered object replaced, the part looks once more to a body. In a nutshell, Is a perfectly “normal” Sex boring?

Quite so bad, and it is again not now. The habituation effect of duration, young masturbating in puberty, no one cares more. Maybe the one or the other has to catch up with something or would like to explore her body more. The technique helps no matter what your age. In addition, you can see it: Together one is less alone, and shared Lust is twice the Lust – whether with or without toys.