Barmer health insurance company recommends Masturbation to fall Asleep

“If you can’t even get back to sleep, then just change yourself” – this Council has turned the Barmer health insurance Fund via Facebook to their members. Because then the sleep will come “by itself”.

Self-satisfaction, or where applicable, with a Sex-toy to help fall Asleep, informed the cashier and posted the picture of the Dildos, as well as the Text: “For pulsating nights”.

In a short time, more than 1800 comments gathered under the post. Barmer speaker Daniel joy has not been confirmed that it is a Fake: “There are still issues that are often overlooked, even though they relate to the vast majority of people.”

It is wool with a wink to the theme clues, said joy rich. Financial support in the acquisition of Sex toys, the contributors are not allowed to hope.

“At the time of acquisition and implementation, we are not able to be of assistance. Only the health tip,” it said in the comments under the post from the Social Media Team of the insurance company.

The merciful has Insured according to its own figures, nationwide, around 9.2 million – she is behind the technicians health insurance company is the second largest in Germany.