A third of people who have sex on the first date end up finding love, study says

For years young people have been cautioned not to sleep together on the first date if they want a relatoinship to last.

But it now seems that advice is just the dated ramblings of judgemental old prudes, as new research shows it’s not always the kiss of death to a potential romance. 

More couples are jumping straight into bed when they first meet, and are going on to have successful relationships. 

According to a new survey, having sex with a new partner on a first date has lead to romance for a third of couples. 

The poll of 2,000 Brits showed that lots of couples end up in bed the first night they meet – 58% of men have done it and 56% of women.

But some old–fashioned attitudes still persist. 

One in six women (17%) said they would think less of someone if they had sex on the first night, compared to 11% of men.

It also found that 64% of women and 62% of men had wanted to have sex with someone on the first date but had held back because they worried it was too soon and would jeopardise their chances of a lasting romance.

And far more women (40%) have regretted jumping straight into bed than men (27%).

A spokeswoman for llicitEncounters.com, who commissioned the study said: “The clear message is that if you want to have sex on a first date, do it.

“We have all grown up about sex and only prudes are going to think any less of you if you jump into bed on the first night.

“Online dating has speeded up the way we date and this has resulted in couples initiating sex on first dates far more quickly.

“We are leaving behind those old-fashioned attitudes where people are judged on their sexual behaviour.”

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