These Maximalist Girl Names Are Unapologetically 'Extra'

Short-and-sweet girl names like Ava and Mia may hold regular spots in the U.S.’s top 10 most popular baby names — and there will always be a place for their beautiful simplicity. But baby naming experts predict that this year, maximalist names are the vibe: a lot of letters, a lot of flourish and flair, and a lot of impact. […]

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These Sexy Postpartum Boudoir Photos Are a New Form of Self-Care

Women have long had a terrible relationship with our postpartum bodies. Not only is it shocking at face value to see how our bodies have stretched and changed and held new life, but then we have outside voices telling us they’re supposed to snap back into form like a rubber band. But this is where the subgenre of photography known […]

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Kaavia James Is Peak ‘Shady Baby’ When She Reacts to the Disastrous & Hysterical Way Her Dad Dwyane Wade Did Her Hair

Gabrielle Union normally makes sure her daughter Kaavia James’s hair is perfect, with not a strand out of place. However, Kaavia’s papa Dwyane Wade still needs a few more hair lessons, and this hilarious video proves it. On Feb 4, Kaavia’s parents uploaded a seriously adorable video of her sassy self to her Instagram page @kaaviajames with the caption, “When […]

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