These 'Cottagecore' Baby Names Are Full of Homespun Charm

During the pandemic, when we were cocooning ourselves in our homes and learning (or at least trying to learn) how to bake bread, we embraced a new aesthetic: cottagecore. Though at its heart, cottagecore isn’t really “new” at all. It’s rooted in a simple, sustainable, harmonious-with-nature existence like the kind our great-great grandparents lived. The cottagecore aesthetic was a perfect fit for […]

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Shawn Johnson Shares Potty Training Tips & the One Thing That Motivates 2-Year-Old Drew

Parenting isn’t always baby giggles and slobbery kisses. Sometimes, it can be downright messy — especially when it’s time for potty training! Shawn Johnson, Olympic gold medalist and potty training rookie, recently took to Instagram to share the exciting thing that motivated her 2-year-old daughter Drew to go on the potty seat. Hint: it’s bribery at its finest! “Tell everybody […]

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