Diesel driving bans: limits too high? Now lung doctors shoot-out against their own colleagues

A position paper of more than a hundred pulmonologist to Diesel-driving many citizens has unsettled prohibited. Your statement: The nitrogen oxide limits are not justified on a scientific basis and are far too high, and Now the pulmonologist-company reports. And explains exactly the opposite of the colleagues. The allegations in the fact-Check. The experts had concluded in their position paper […]

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When your medications are the news

(HealthDay)—Would you stop taking a medication if you heard a negative news story about it? Sticking with a prescription drug regimen, or “medication adherence,” is already a challenge for many patients, with not taking medications as prescribed being a key reason people struggle to control chronic conditions. Adding to the problem, according to a Danish study, is that negative reports […]

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Kate Hudson's Workout Routine Is All The Inspo You Need This Year

Kate Hudson, actress, mum of three, co-founder of the activewear brand Fabletics, and current Weight Watchers ambassador, is total #fitnessgoals. (Like, seriously, have you seen her abs pics?) Luckily for her fans, Kate is super-open about her fitness routine and healthy habits. And she’s never been afraid to share her successes and struggles.  Just recently, the 39-year-old posted a long message on her IG about balancing […]

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