Study shows that an amino acid diet could inhibit cancer growth

The tumors of certain cancers to prevent species from Growing, may help a certain diet. In mice, the amino acid has diet proven, the researchers were able to demonstrate a strong effect. Now, the scientists want to check whether you can also find it in the people application.

By a decrease in the consumption of amino acid-containing foods can be inhibited according to a study, the growth of certain types of cancer. A waiver, for example, red meat and eggs have influenced the treatment of cancer in mice, the on Thursday in the journal "Nature" the published study.

"We were able to demonstrate evidence of strong effects, as well as the effective Medikamenten", study leader Jason Locasale of the US Duke University said.

Specifically, it was the scientists to the amino acid methionine, which plays an important role in the growth of cancer cells. First, the study focused on healthy animals, then the diet in mice with colon cancer or soft tissue tumors has been tested. In both cases, the radiation therapy proved to be in connection with the diet as successfully.

The treatment method is not yet ripe for the people

Locasale warned, however, to expect a success in other than the examined types of cancer. The treatment method is therefore not yet Mature, to be people with a tumor disease performed. Independent experts warned that it should not be assumed that the effectiveness of the therapy.

Studies repeatedly show correlations between certain diets and cancer therapies. Locasale, according to however, it is difficult to Finance such studies, since the treatment methods are often considered not profitable.

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