Spahn warns of financial abuse, in artificial respiration

Patients are ventilated in Germany, artificially, because that will bring more money than you, the self-employed, Breathing to teach? The Minister of health, Jens Spahn fear is just that and has submitted a draft law that aims to improve the care of affected patients.

The very demanding and intensive care of respiratory patients usually requires 24-hour care. Monthly health insurance costs about 20,000 euros per Patient. Extrapolating this nationwide are two to four billion Euro per year.

The Problem: Many patients who can not breathe independently, to be discharged from the intensive care unit in the home care. In so-called care-WGs more data be supplied at the same time, often forces in the care of not enough qualified care. Incentives for cessation of artificial respiration, there is hardly any.

The number has increased at least 15 times

This has led, according to the editors ‘ network Germany, the number of outpatient respiratory patients has increased significantly in recent years: Goods in 2005 only 1000 cases, estimates today from 15,000 to 30,000 patients.

The lucrative business of ventilation, patients could promote abuse, warns Spahn. In may, the police had uncovered a large-scale billing fraud on the part of nursing services in the care of ventilator patients.

The police believe that at least since 2013, mainly from Eastern Europe as an intensive care nurse were not used, even though they were qualified. It’s a million to be the origin of damage. Apartments and offices at 19 locations in Berlin, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein were searched. Three people were arrested.

Spahn wants to prevent such transactions at the expense of the patients. In particular, in the case of outpatient care of patients on respirators had to be assumed by a failure of supply. In addition, the lack of incentives and opportunities for abuse exist. Causing high cost to the community of the insured, and loss of quality of life of those Affected.

According to the RND of the draft law provides for the following Changes:

  • Intensive care with ventilation in the own four walls must be the absolute exception. Alone in children remains the rule.
  • For nursing-WGs, the quality demands are rising massively.
  • Hospitals should get the ventilator weaning better paid.

Spahn said the RND, everything should be done to wean the patient as soon as possible artificial respiration. People who do not, or only poorly able to resist, “need our special support,” said the CDU politician.

Critics warn, however, the draft law could lead to a strain on the hospitals. Depending on the Patient, the mechanical ventilation weaning is very time-consuming.

In Germany, several so-called Weaning have specialized centres for your treatment. “We work closely with the supervising doctors, and together, in which patients, a weaning trial from mechanical ventilation, promising it can be,” says Lorenz Nowak, a Senior doctor in the Intensive care and respiratory medicine at the friends Asklepios clinic. In 60 percent of cases, he added, to wean the patient from his ventilator.