Patients require honest statements and real compassion – this hospital has understood

If Adelheid Weinzierl of your appointments with Nadia Harbeck, the head of the Munich-based breast center, tells, you realize how fond she is. The first conversation was in particular: simple words, clear and honest statements, real compassion. For the first Time, the patient felt on a level, being taken seriously in their fear. After SURGERY and chemotherapy the cancer is now held for two years by a anti-body therapy in chess.

It’s stories like this that make the Nadia Harbeck happy. “Thanks to advances in tumor therapy, we can achieve so much today. 80 percent of patients no longer die of their breast cancer,” she says.

At Munich breast center, many new therapies are being tested. Nadia Harbeck is one of Germany’s leading breast cancer researchers – in addition, she has raised four children. How do you get the hat? For example, by division of tasks. For ten years she takes no scalpel more in the Hand. Friederike Hagemann and another colleague have taken on the surgical management.

Critical human factors, such as compassion

In addition to research and therapies at the highest level, the Team places great value on the human factor. Enough time for discussions in the face of a potentially life-threatening disease?

Harbeck and her Deputy Rachel Würstlein after thinking about it a lot. “Our patients have our E-Mail addresses and, if possible, a fixed contact person during the whole therapy, the keep track of,” says Würstlein. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

The Doctors represent the ideal type of committed medical professionals: on the cutting edge of research, always accessible and at eye level, and the needs of the people keeping an eye on.

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