Anyone who is unemployed, dying earlier

How strong is the death rate in Germany depends on education, income and employment status, according to researchers from the Max Planck Institute for demographic research (MDIDR) calculated for the first Time, resilient. As the researchers note in the journal BMJ Open reports, doubling of unemployment, the risk of dying prematurely.

The new results underline how important it is for health is to have a Job. Also, the income plays a large role, especially for the men: The mortality rate of the lowest income fifth was 150 percent higher than the best-paid fifth. Lower education increased the risk for men, in contrast, only about 30 percent. For women, the differences in income are less pronounced. Unemployment and education weigh them the same weight as the men.

In addition, the region of residence has only a minor influence when it comes to the mortality rate. Although mortality in East Germany is higher. The sun according to the researchers, however, that there are in the East, a higher proportion of the unemployed, the less Educated and people with lower incomes. Others in the East and the West different factors, such as the medical infrastructure, seem to play a vanishing role.

For the study, the researchers pension insurance data examined, out of 27 million workers. In order to make risks comparable, out expected the influence of age on the mortality rate. So it plays no role, that the unemployed are on average older than people with a Job and, therefore, more likely to die. Rather, the age structure of all groups of the population, was adjusted statistically to ensure that all had the same composition. Mortality differences were, therefore, due to the remaining factors, such as unemployment or income.